Getting Started with Nestio's CRM


Nestio’s CRM has been completely rebuilt to:

  • Provide more visibility into the active pipeline for both leasing agents and managers
  • Enable direct communication with prospects via text (SMS) or email (within Nestio or syncing with the most popular email providers such as: Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, iCloud and Yahoo).
  • Streamline tour scheduling and prospect engagement with authentic Intelligent Automated Replies
  • Surface insights about the health of your leasing pipeline with Smart Filters to take suggested actions
  • Collect better reporting data for prospects that do not rent

This article explains key changes and walks you through how to get started with new features.


The upcoming page provides an at-a-glance view of your upcoming tours and tasks. It’s a great starting point to help guide leasing agents towards what to do and who to speak with next.  

Upcoming - Team Selector

Throughout the Nestio CRM, users have the ability to toggle whether they are seeing information that relates to themselves or to the entire team. When users select “Just Me” all the Smart Filter counts as well as the list of tours and prospects will be personalized to your specific prospects and tours. Users that belong to multiple Teams (previously referred to as Groups) will have the ability to toggle each of those teams on or off.

Upcoming - Smart Filters 

Nestio uses Smart Filters to identify subsets of prospects that leasing agents will want to pay special attention to. Lower numbers may indicate a healthy pipeline where leads are not stalling in any stage for too long. You can click on the smart filter box to zero in on that group of prospects and decide if you need to take further action.

  • Unassigned Leads - inquiries that have come in, but have not yet been assigned to an owner.

    NOTE:  This count may not appear for all users depending on your team’s lead distribution policy (such as manager assignment or round-robin).

  • Leads that Haven’t Scheduled Tours - These are leads that have been assigned to an agent, but the leads have not yet scheduled appointments to tour the property.

    TIP: You want leads that meet your property’s requirements to tour as soon as possible! Regularly review this list and encourage leads to commit to a tour. You should also mark leads that are unresponsive or not interested as “Did not rent” to clear them from this list.

  • Visitors who need follow-up after Tour - These are prospects that toured your property, but have not yet received communication from an agent after their tour.

    TIP: Nestio recommends following up with every visitor with a call-to-action to apply to the unit or invitation to return for another tour.

    NOTE: To get the most from this smart filter, ensure that you have setup Email Sync so that you can use Nestio's Messenger tool to communicate with prospects from Nestio!

  • Visitors who have not applied in 1 week - These are prospects that have toured your property but have not yet applied in over a week.

    TIP: Scan this list to see if there is anybody that has in fact applied, so you can mark them as an Applicant. You can also send reminders to interested prospects to apply for their desired unit as soon as possible.

Upcoming  - Tours

For each tour we display the time of the appointment, the prospect, the assigned agent and the meeting location (in some cases, like a multi-site leasing office, the location agents decide to meet prospects may differ from the property’s a actual address).  

Recent tours will prompt you to tell Nestio whether the tour actually occurred or not. You should use this to move prospects further down the pipeline (from Leads to Toured) and capture accurate traffic data for reporting. You can also mark tours as No Shows, Completed or Cancelled on the Calendar page.

Upcoming  - Tasks

All users will see a list of tasks (previously referred to as Reminders) that they have created in Nestio, with due date, description, and the prospect that the task relates to.

You can create new tasks on this screen by clicking the “New Task” and providing a prospect’s name (the prospect you’d like to attach this task to), a description of the task and due date for when the task should be completed.

For all existing tasks, you can mark the task as complete by hitting the checkmark icon. If the task involves communicating with a prospect, you can click the message icon to open the Messenger and text or email the prospect. If a phone conversation is preferred, you can also hover your cursor over the phone icon to reveal the prospect’s phone number.


The pipeline page is a stage-by-stage view of your active pipeline. The goal is to move qualified and interested prospects through the pipeline, while removing unqualified or prospects that don’t rent from the pipeline so your team is only focused on fresh opportunities. Below are some key definitions as it relates to your deal pipeline.

Unassigned (Previously New Prospects) 

Unassigned leads will display if there are new inquiries that have not yet received assignment to a leasing agent.

NOTE: If the account has Round Robin lead distribution enabled, or there are no unassigned prospects available then this tab will not appear in the pipeline.

Leads (previously Active)

Leads are prospects that have been assigned to a leasing agent, but have not yet come in for a tour of the property. Leasing agents should reach out to leads to gain clarity on their preferences, and if there’s a good match, schedule a tour.

Toured (previously Prospect)

Toured indicates prospects that have completed a tour of the property. Since these prospects have visited your property, their interest and likelihood to lease is stronger. Agents should follow up with these prospects and encourage them to apply as soon as possible.

Applicants (previously Deal Pending)

Applicants are prospects that have submitted an application for a unit. You will want to ensure that everyone on this list has submitted all materials required by the property owner to process their application in a timely manner.

New Residents (previously Deal Closed)

New Residents are prospects that have a lease start date within the next month. This view can be useful for keeping tabs of folks with upcoming move-in dates, or who have recently moved in to follow-up and make sure that they have everything they need.  


For every prospect that appears in the pipeline, you can perform several actions.

Assigning an Agent 

You can change a prospect’s assigned agent at any time by clicking on the initials or avatar in the Agent column. When a new inquiry comes into Nestio, it must be assigned to an agent to take further action.

Communicate with Prospects

You can send a message directly to a prospect by clicking the message icon. This will open up the Messenger to begin or continue your dialog with that prospect. You may communicate with prospects by send a text message (SMS) or an email.

If you prefer to call your prospect, you may hover over the phone icon to quickly see their phone number.  

Actions Menu

For each prospect you can click the three-dots to reveal a menu of additional actions you can perform on prospects.  

  • Schedule a Tour - This will allow you to quickly schedule a tour or return visit for the customer by selecting the time and unit they would like to visit.

  • Add a Note - Clicking this option will allow you write a text note that is attached to the prospect and viewable on their prospect card. This can be helpful for providing more context on a prospect’s preferences or why a deal might be stalling. All notes are internal and not viewable by the prospect.

  • Move to Lead - This will transition a prospect from their current status to Lead. Unassigned leads that are assigned are automatically transitioned to Leads.

  • Move to Toured - This option will transition a prospect from their current status to Toured. Prospects that attend appointments (marked as complete) will automatically transition to Toured.

    NOTE: Nestio allows you to manually move a prospect to Toured (for example, if an out-of-state prospect displays very strong interest) to indicate they are further down the pipeline than other unqualified leads, but we will remind you that this might impact your reports.

  • Move to Applicant - This option will transition a prospect from their current status to Applicant, prompting you to enter information relating to their application. This transition will automatically occur when units associated with this prospect move to App Pending.

  • Move to Resident - Moving a prospect to resident will transition a prospect from their current status to Resident, prompting you to select or enter information relating to their lease agreement. This transition will automatically occur when units associated with this prospect move to Rented.

  • Move to Did Not Rent - This option will transition a prospect from their current status to Did Not Rent, and remove them from your Pipeline View

    You will always be able to find prospects that were removed from the pipeline on the All Contacts page - Nestio will not delete prospects that decide not rent. 


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