Tracking Units Viewed During a Showing

You can associate units with appointments so that you can track which units are being viewed the most, and ultimately determine what factors contribute to fewer days on market.


When you create an appointment from your Nestio calendar, you'll have the ability to select a unit from your inventory to associate with the appointment. 

Start by accessing your calendar by hovering over the prospects (formerly clients) icon on the navigation panel and clicking on the appointments dropdown:

When creating an appointment select the building you'll be showing, and the unit as well if you'd like! You can even list multiple buildings by clicking the Add Another Building button:

Once you've saved, you'll be able to view the details and units scheduled for an appointment by clicking on it within the calendar:

You can also create appointments for units you have saved or emailed to a prospect from within the prospect card directly:



Learn about NestCard (our visitor sign-in tool) to streamline your showings and capture even more data. 








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