Advertising Incentives

Nestio's incentives collection lets you get super granular with the details of what you're offering to both brokers and renters. 

Select the desired payout unit for an OP incentive, from the 'Owner Pays Broker' dropdown and enter the desired value into the integer field.:

You can also indicate a broker-facing giveaway and its associated value by clicking the 'Add a giveaway' button:

Indicate whether a broker AND a tenant incentive are being offered, or if you're only offering one or the other by using the And/Or Toggle

Use the NoFee/Fee buttons to indicate how you'd like the unit to be advertised to the renter:

If you're offering months free to the tenant, you can enter the applicable number into the 'month(s) free' field. Based on the price you have entered into the listing, the system will automatically calculate the Net Rent. Net rent will be internal unless you select the 'Advertise Net Rent' checkbox:

You can also select the 'Add the gross rent to the description' checkbox to add a line of text to your unit description stating that the net rent is advertised based on the gross rent that is entered into the price field:

You can also add a tenant facing giveaway such as a Free Gym Membership, Reduced Security Deposit, etc:

If any of the incentives offered are only applicable on specific lease terms, or within specific dates, indicate that in the requirements section. Use the Tenant Incentive and Broker Incentive checkboxes to indicate if the requirements apply to the broker's incentive, the tenant's or both:












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