Adding Incentives to Listings - Brokers/Agents

To add broker incentives and/or tenant concessions to your listings directly within the unit edit form, navigate to the Incentives section on any listing:

Start by selecting the appropriate deal type. CYOF, Owner Pays and Co-Broke will all reveal different fields for more detailed information. 

If you select Owner Pays, you'll be able to indicate the specific nature of the OP:

Selecting Co-Broke will allow you to enter the total Commission Percentage, as well as your portion of the split. The Co-Broker's Split will be automatically calculated based on your entries:

If the landlord is offering an additional incentive that you want to advertise to outside brokers (Gift Cards, iPad, etc.), choose the type by clicking the Add Giveaway button:

Tenant Incentives: If the landlord is offering concessions that you would like to advertise to the tenant, enter the number of months being offered and whether or not the listing should be advertised as fee or no fee:

Once you add free months of rent, Nestio will calculate the Net Rent. You can choose what is displayed publicly for each listing: the net rent, gross rent, or net rent with gross rent information in the description.

If you are offering any additional tenant incentives, add them here as well:

If your incentives are contingent on specific lease terms, move-in dates, etc., click Add Requirements to specify and display them on your listing:

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