Adding Incentives to Listings - Managment Companies/Landlords

To add broker incentives and/or tenant concessions to your listings directly within the unit edit form, navigate to the Incentives section on any listing:

Broker incentives: Select the structure of the incentive:

Now, enter the specific amount into the numerical field:

If you're offering an additional incentive (Gift Cards, iPad, etc.), choose the type by clicking the Add Giveaway button:

Tenant Incentives: If offering concessions to the tenant, enter the number of months being offered and whether or not the listing should be advertised as fee or no fee:

Once you add free months of rent, Nestio will calculate the Net Rent. You can choose what is displayed publicly for each listing: the net rent, gross rent, or net rent with gross rent information in the description.

If you are offering any additional tenant incentives, add them here as well:

If your incentives are contingent on specific lease terms, move-in dates, etc., click Add Requirements to specify and display them on your listing:




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