Setting up Email Autoforwarding Using Outlook

In order to take advantage of Nestio's StreetEasy Lead Sync tool, you'll first need to set-up autoforwarding rules for the email address to which your StreetEasy account is registered. 

Your rules/filters should be set-up so that any email from that contains  "StreetEasy Listing Inquiry" or "StreetEasy Building Inquiry" in the subject line is being forwarded to the StreetEasy Lead Forwarding email address provided to within your Nestio account as specified in the article referenced above.

Outlook 2016:

Start by clicking File>Info and then select the Manage Rules and Alerts button.

From the Email Rules tab click the New Rule button:

Within the Rules Wizard, select "Check messages when they arrive" from beneath the "Start from a blank rule" section:

Select "from people or distribution list" and enter "" as the first condition, also select "with specific words in the subject" and enter "StreetEasy Listing Inquiry" as your second condition:

Next, you'll select where those messages will be forwarded, by selecting "forward it to people or distribution list":

This will open the Rule Address window where you can enter the lead forwarding email address that you see in your Nestio account per the instructions here.  Simply enter that email address into the "To:" field and click "OK":

 You'll then be prompted to add exceptions, which you can leave blank, and assign a name to your rule.

**Follow the instructions above and create an additional filter for emails from with the subject line "StreetEasy Building Inquiry".**


Other Versions of Outlook:

Learn more about Outlook forwarding here

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