Setting up Email Autoforwarding Using Gmail

In order to take advantage of Nestio's StreetEasy Lead Sync tool, you'll first need to set-up autoforwarding rules for the email address to which your StreetEasy account is registered. 

Your rules/filters should be set-up so that any email from '' that contains  "StreetEasy Listing Inquiry" or "StreetEasy Building Inquiry" in the subject line is being forwarded to the StreetEasy Lead Forwarding email address provided to within your Nestio account as specified in the article referenced above.

Instructions for Gmail

Access your email settings and click "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" and click the 'Add a forwarding address' button:

Enter your Nestio lead sync forwarding address into this field:

Our team will confirm your forwarding request.

Next click 'Filters and Blocked Addresses' and click 'Create a new filter':

Enter the following criteria into the filter:


Then select the 'Forward it to' checkbox and select the Nestio lead sync email address from the dropdown:

Click 'Create Filter' and your set-up is complete.

To double check if you have done this correctly, navigate to the Filters and Blocked Addresses section and make sure that your filters appear as such:

**Follow the instructions above and create an additional filter for emails from with the subject line "StreetEasy Building Inquiry".**


Make sure that "Disable forwarding" is selected for this rule under the general forwarding and POP/IMAP settings.


Learn more about Gmail forwarding here

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