Setting Automated Client Reminders

You can set reminders to help boost your engagement with your clients from within our CRM (the Clients tab at the top of your screen). 

Open up the client card you'd like to set reminders for by clicking on their record and you'll see the reminders section, and a list of all of your current reminders, on the right side of the screen. 

Click the + button and select the type of reminder you'd like to add:


You'll receive a reminder email each morning with a list of all active reminders 30 days in the past and a week in to the future so you'll never forget to follow-up with a client or get in touch with them at optimal moments!


You can also view reminders in the client list view to see which clients need attention at a glance:

Or click on the Reminders dropdown

You can cancel appointments or mark them as complete which will remove them from your queue:

And you can view a history of all reminders associated with a particular client in the History & Comments section at the bottom of the client card:


Click here to learn about setting automated notifications for your saved searches, emails sent to clients and client lease expiration.




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