Managing Prospects and Leads for Brokerages

To manage and view prospects click on the Prospects tab at the left of your screen. 



From within the pipeline you can add prospects by clicking the Add Prospect button.


When adding your prospect you'll enter their basic information. 


You can also mark the source and discovery of the lead, names of any other occupants, household type, their priorities, reason for moving, and add the prospect's postal code. You can also add another agent if you want to share the prospect's information with someone at your company as well as any necessary internal notes.


You can also add any information about their broker (if they have one):

Once you've created the prospect card click into the existing prospect card to assign this prospect to a search. You can either assign them to an existing search or create a new search.

You can execute searches based on the prospect's criteria as well as subscribe each prospect to receive email updates for listings that match their preferences. As soon as you turn email updates on, your prospect will receive an immediate email with the 10 most recent matches, followed by an email update once daily at 8:00 AM EST. At the bottom of the prospect card you will see a list of all listings that were sent to your prospect. You can filter this list by listings that were either manually sent or sent via a subscribed search.

From the prospect overview section you can filter your prospect list by a variety of criteria, search by prospect name, or export a CSV of your prospect data.

 You can also manage the interest level and status of your lead using the dropdown menus next to each prospect.


Add appointments with a prospect to your calendar by clicking the button in the Scheduled Appointments section of the prospect card. 

Learn more about using the Nestio Appointments feature here

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