Saved Searches and Subscriptions

You can save searches and run searches based on prospect criteria in your Nestio account to quickly reference and view listings that match what a prospect is looking for or that fit a certain set of criteria.

To view listings that match a prospect's search criteria simply execute the desired search by clicking the create a new search button, save the search and assign one or multiple prospects to the search. If you are a Landlord/Property Manager simply click the add new preferences button and enter the prospect criteria. 

You can also create a saved search for any set of search criteria that you might access often. For instance, if you work in specific neighborhoods, price ranges, layouts or with specific management companies or buildings.

Start by searching for the specific criteria you are interested in seeing. After executing the search click on the Save Search button:


Create a name for your search, and toggle the switch to receive updates to your email about new listings and changes to listings that match the search. 


You can also assign one or multiple prospects by clicking the assign prospects button:


You can then select which prospects you'd like to subscribe to the search by clicking on the dropdown next to the prospect name and toggling email updates on. You can tell which prospects are subscribed as indicated by the envelope icon next to their name:

When your prospect is subscribed to a search they'll receive an email every morning with a list of updates to relevant listings, or new listings that match the search they are subscribed to. This email will be branded with your company logo, headshot and contact information:


To make any changes to your saved search settings click the gear icon next to the search: 


Or manage the searches and subscriptions for specific prospects from within their prospect cards:


You can refer to the Listings & Buildings section of a prospect card to view the listings that have been sent manually and via subscription:


Click here to learn about more automated notifications you can receive from Nestio.

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