What notifications does Nestio offer?

Nestio offers notifications that can help you stay on top of the market even when you’re out in the field by sending you an email to alert you of the changes you need to know about! You can customize these by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and selecting ‘Notifications’ from the dropdown menu.

In the next window you will see the options to set an interval for: Saved Search Frequency and Client Updates Frequency as well as the option to opt-in to Send Client Reminders


See below for an explanation of each type of notification:


Saved Search Frequency defines how often you will be notified of changes that have been made to any listings that match one of your saved searches. For example, select “every five minutes” as your frequency, and if one or more listings are added that match your clients’ criteria, you will receive an email notification within five minutes of those changes being made. Out viewing apartments with a client? You and your client can be the first ones in the door.

Client Updates Frequency determines how often you will be notified of changes to listings that you have sent to a client using the Email Listings tool in Nestio. Say, for example, you emailed several listings to a client and set your Client Updates Frequency to “Every Two Minutes.” When you are out viewing apartments together, if one of the listings you sent to your client goes off the market, you will receive an email notification within two minutes of that change being made. This can help spare you the time and embarrassment of taking your client to see an apartment, only to find out it is no longer available.

Reminders: You will receive a daily summary of clients who are 30, 60 and 90 days away from lease expiration and on their birthdays. This is a great way to stay in touch with clients who may have slipped off of your radar or who may be in the market for a new apartment soon!


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