Why isn’t my listing on StreetEasy (Zillow/Trulia/HotPads)?

Please note that StreetEasy only accepts exclusive listings within New York City and requires certain information be present. These requirements include:

  • -Public Unit Description
  • -Agent assignment
  • -Photos
  • -layout
  • -price
  • -total room count
  • -unit description
  • -photos

Listings can also be rejected from StreetEasy (and Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads) if they do not conform to their Listings Quality Policy. Please review the policy to be sure that your listing does not violate any of their terms.

Some common reasons that listings get flagged for Listings Quality Policy violation are:

  •      Listing is missing a Public Unit Description
  •      The listing includes contact information in the Public Unit Description
  •      Total room count includes ½ rooms
  •      Unit Description includes the word “office”
  •     Unit number is too long or has unknown characters
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