My listing isn’t syndicating!

We always recommend including as much detail and information as possible when entering your listings into Nestio as each third party site has different requirements for listings to syndicate. We will always send the information you have entered in your feeds, but please review the details below to be sure your listing meets the specific requirements for each site.

  • Agorafy: Exclusive agreement sent to site, square footage
  • Exclusive agreement
  • CitySpade: Unit Number, Unit Description
  • NYBits: Unit Number, Unit Description
  • NakedApartments: Unit Description, Photos. Note: Agent email address must match email address of NakedApartments account.
  • Padlister: Unit Number, Unit Description
  • Placebee: Unit Number, Unit Description
  • RentHop: Unit Number, Unit Description

Concerned specifically about StreetEasy? Take a look at our Syndicating to StreetEasy article for common mistakes and helpful tips to be sure your listing goes live!


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