Editing Listings and Emailing Listings to Prospects (Formerly Clients)

From the Search tab, select the listings you would like to send and then click the Email Listings button.

A new window will appear so you can customize your email. Here you can choose a recipient from your prospects in your CRM or add a new one. You can also personalize the subject line and message, as well as choose the location visibility of the address: Street Only, Full Address or Neighborhood only. Any changes you make will be updated in the email preview on the right.

The thumbnails in the email that your prospect will receive will link to a public facing Nestio site where your prospect will be able to see more details about the listing. We will always keep the address visibility as you have chosen, but they will be able to view additional photos and features.

If you would like to make any changes to the photos or description of the listing you can do this from the search tab. Clicking on the listing and select Edit Photos and Description from the Listing Actions dropdown menu:

From here you can hide photos, add your own, and make changes to the description field: 


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