How can I unsyndicate a listing?

Whenever an open listing that you have syndicated goes off the market, your ad will come down off of any third party sites that it was sent to. That means you don’t need to worry about stale ads appearing on third party sites and there is no need to manually remove ads for listings that are no longer available.

However, if you have syndicated an open listing that is still available, but no longer want your ad to be live you can search for the listing in the Listing Search tab, and select the listing by clicking the checkbox to the left, and selecting Unsyndicate Listings from the More Actions dropdown.

If you have an exclusive listing that you would like to stop syndicating, you can check the Keep This Listing Private button at the bottom of the listing in the My Company Listings tab. This will remove your listing from third party sites, and your listing will not be shared within Nestio.


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