Syndicating Open Listings

Click here to watch a short video of how to syndicate open listings or check out the article below:


To syndicate open listings from within your Nestio account, click on the Search tab:

Listings that can be syndicated are indicated by a gray RSS feed icon to the right of the listing:

To edit the description and photos, click into your target listing to open it. Click the Listing Actions dropdown and select Edit Photos & Description:

Here you can choose to hide any photos you would like to keep from appearing on your ads (if a photo is unflattering or contains a management company watermark, for example). To hide photos click on the hide icon in the corner of the photo.

You can also edit the unit description from this window. Always be sure to check that management company contact information is not in the description:

Note: You must always edit the unit description for a listing to syndicate to third party sites.

Save your changes and return to the Listing Detail view. Then click on the Listing Actions dropdown and select Syndicate Listing.


From the next window you can select whether the renter will see “Fee” or “No Fee”, select the sites you would like to syndicate the listing to, and add any other agents to the listing. Keep in mind that you may see different sites than in the example in your own Nestio account. Make sure that the status says the listing is “OK to Syndicate” and then click Syndicate Listings.

Once you syndicate a listing, the feed icon will change from gray to green. A yellow pencil icon indicates that the listing has been edited. You definitely want to make sure that all listings you have syndicated have also been edited.

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