Syndicating Company Listings

Exclusive Listings:

Your exclusive listings will be automatically syndicated (sent to third party sites) when they are added to your Company Listings tab. If you would like to prevent an exclusive listing from syndicating to your selected sites, you can use the Keep This Listing Private checkbox at the bottom of the listing. This will keep the listing internal and will be viewable by agents at your company only. If you have Nestio’s widget or are using our API, this listing will not be visible on either.


Listings that you have marked as private will have a lock next to the building name when viewed in your Company Listings tab:


Company Open Listings:

Open listings that you add to your Company Listings tab are never automatically syndicated. If you would like to syndicate open listings that you add to your Company Listings tab, you can do this by navigating to the Search tab and using the Advanced button to filter by Listing Source and select My Company from the dropdown menu.

This will allow you to view all of your company listings which you can then syndicate easily by selecting the listings using the checkboxes to the left and clicking Syndicate Listings in the More Actions dropdown menu.

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