Managing the Availability Status of Your Listings

Once you have successfully Added Buildings and Units you can manage the status of your listings and bring off-market units back on to the market.

To change the status of a listing you can use the status dropdown to the right. You have the option of marking a unit as Available, App Pending, Lease Out, or Rented.


These options are slightly different for a sale listing which can be marked as Available, Offer Pending, In Contract, or Sold.


Available listings will be sent to third party sites, App Pending and Offer Pending are internal statuses and this information is not sent to third party sites. Lease Out and In Contract will appear on third party sites as “In Contract”. Listings that are marked as Rented or Sold will be removed from syndication feeds.

A listing that has been marked as Rented or Sold will be removed from the Listings tab and will be viewable in the Past Transactions tab as an event of the rental or sale. Please note that this a record of previous events, not a list of off-market units.  


If you would like to bring a rented unit back on to the market, you can do this from the Listings tab by adding the unit again.


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