Post Your Listing: Adding Buildings and Units

Adding Listings to Nestio is simple! Watch this short video or follow the steps in the article below.

If your inventory was added via a mass inventory upload by our team, you can simply toggle units as available to bring them on-market. If you will be adding your inventory manually, please follow the steps below.

Every unit you want to list must be attached to a building, so if this is your first time listing a unit in a particular building, you will need to add the building first.

You can add buildings and units by using the buttons on the top right side of your screen. Keep in mind that adding as much detail as possible is the best way to ensure that your listings are published on third party sites.

Note: You only have to add a building once! After you have saved a building it will be saved in your Company Buildings tab and you can add units to it by using the Add Unit button.

To add a building to Nestio, click the Add Building button at the top-right corner of the Company Listings tab from your Nestio dashboard:

This will bring you to the Building Info form. First, add the building address and an optional building name. If your building is in New York City, be sure to add the full borough name (e.g. Manhattan, Brooklyn, etc.).

Next, enter the Viewing Instructions. This will be any information a broker or agent would need to gain access to the property. Information in this field will automatically apply to any units that you add to this building, but you will have the opportunity to edit this information on a unit-by-unit basis. Note: This information will be shared on your email blast and with other Nestio users if you are sharing your listings with the Nestio community. If there is company information you would like to keep private to your company, please enter it in the Private Notes field.

Next, you'll see the option to add a building Owner.

In the Building Features section, add any amenities that are available to all units in the building. In the Other Amenities section, you can type in any additional features and press enter to create a “node” of the feature just like the ones above:

In the Property Info section, add any additional building details. This information will be required if you are using Nestio to feed to the RLS. Learn more about using Nestio as your RLS Vendor.


You may add any proprietary information in the Private Notes field. This information will only be visible to Nestio users at your company:

Once you have added a building you can now add a unit! Click on the Add Unit button in the top-right corner of your screen:

This will bring you to the Add Unit Form. Start typing in the building address and select your building, enter a unit number, and select whether this will be an open or exclusive listing. Click "Continue" to save.


Note: If you are adding an entire building, write "HOUSE" or “TH” (for a townhouse) in the unit field.

Next, add all of the key details about the unit. Add as much or as little information as you'd like, but please remember that syndication sites require layout, price, total room count, unit description and photos and some sites require square footage.  If you are missing any of this information, your listing may not show up on third party syndication sites. Brokers click here to learn more about syndicating using Nestio, Management Companies/Landlords click here.

Note: If the Date Available is today's date or earlier, the unit will be marked as "Available Immediately."

In the Incentives section, you can add any co-broke details, broker incentives, giveaways, renter fee status, and exclusive agreement details.


Note: If you are entering an Open Listing you can select “CYOF” which stands for collect your own fee.

The Unit Features section allows you to enter any features, amenities, and other selling points about the listing. You'll see that all of the amenities added to the building will appear at the top of this section, so you'll only need to add features that apply specifically to this unit. Also, be sure to write a detailed unit description!

Note: Do not enter any contact information in the Unit Description field as many third party sites will not accept listings that contain contact information in this field.

In the Access Info section, you can add any information about accessing the property. You'll see that the Broker Viewing Instructions field will reflect the information you entered on the building level. If the information is different for this specific unit, you can edit it for this unit only. This information is visible to other brokers and email blast recipients, but not syndication sites.

You'll see that your name will appear as the assigned agent by default. You can change this assignment, or assign multiple agents to the property in the Agents section.

Next, you'll see the Open Houses section, where you can add as many open houses as you like. Open houses feed to third party sites:

You can also upload photos and floorplans directly from your computer. Note: Some sites only accept one floorplan. For this reason, please make sure that only photos are to the photos section, and only floorplans to the floorplans section.

In the Private Notes section you can enter any notes that you would like to remain internal. Anything in this field will be visible only to agents within your company, and will not appear on syndicated ads, or be shared with prospects. If this is an exclusive listing, it will syndicate automatically when the listing is saved. If you don’t yet want to syndicate the listing, you can check the Keep this Listing Private button which will keep the listing internal until you uncheck it when you are ready to send out ads. For more details on how syndication works read our Syndication articles for Management Companies/Landlords and Brokers.

For details on specific requirements for third party sites please review our articles on Syndication Requirements or Syndicating to StreetEasy for details on information required by each of our syndication partners.


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