Monitoring Your Syndicated Listings

We've consolidated your workflow by adding information about your syndicated listings to the Search tab.

Additional filters will help you locate your syndicated listings more easily:


Within syndicated units you can also filter by agent and specific website:


From the list view you can view the sites that your listings are syndicating to by simply hovering over the syndication icon to the right of the listing in the search tab:

Please Note: As a manager user you will only be able to hover and view sites for your own listings, to view details about where your agents have syndicated click on the listing to view more detail. 


If you'd like more detail simply click on the listing to open it and scroll down to the syndication section to view details about who is syndicating the listings, for how long and to which third party sites. You can also view the full checklist of requirements to make sure your listing has all the information required to post on each site:

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