Setting Up StreetEasy Lead Syncing

Streamlining your workflow is now easier than ever with our StreetEasy Lead Sync Tool. StreetEasy Lead Syncing allows you to receive information from leads who contact you on StreetEasy directly into your Nestio account.

Here is a step-by-step walk-through to get you up and running in just a few minutes!

When this feature has been activated by a Nestio team member, you'll see the Prospects option in the dropdown beneath your name:

Click on Prospects and you'll find details and guidelines for setting up your lead forwarding email address:


Start by setting up autoforwarding rules within the email account that currently receives your StreetEasy leads. You'll need to make sure that all StreetEasy lead emails are being autoforwarded to the email address provided in the section outlined above. To do this, you should make sure that any email from that contains "StreetEasy Listing Inquiry" or "StreetEasy Inquiry" in the subject line is being forwarded. Click here to learn more about setting up autoforwarding rules. 

Once your autoforward is set-up, whenever you receive a lead for a listing on StreetEasy the lead will automatically appear in the Prospects tab of your Nestio account. StreetEasy leads can be identified by referring to the Source field:


To view more details about the lead, including which of your StreetEasy ads they inquired about, simply open up their prospect card. This information will be available within the Listings and Buildings section of the prospect card. Hovering over the listing actions icons, will give you more information about where the prospect viewed the listing. StreetEasy leads are represented by the website icon pictured here:

Of course, you'll also still be notified of the new lead in Nestio via email:

If this feature has not been added to your Nestio account, and you are interested in learning more please contact your Account Manager for more information.

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