Managing Premium (HTML) Email Blasts and Announcements

Nestio's Premium Email Blast allows recipients to view photos and details about your listings directly within the body of the email along with clickable links to view even more details from you public facing Nestio listing page. 

Manager users can manage blasts by clicking on their name and selecting Settings from the dropdown menu:


Click the Email Blasts tab. From here you will be able to take advantage of our Rich Text Editor for your announcements, as well as view a preview of your blast before you send it!

Here's a preview of a blast (your own company blast would contain company branding and coloring):


Please Note: The first photo that is attached to the listing in your Company Listings/On-Market Units tab is what will appear as the thumbnail image in your blast.


You can add one or multiple recipients to your blast:


And remove email addresses that are invalid:


You can also use the Send Announcement button to send one-time announcements with rich text formatting:    


For information about the Standard (PDF) Email Blasts click here.

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