Managing StreetEasy: Syndication Permissions for Agents in Nestio

By default, any agent at a company who is set-up with a feed to StreetEasy via Nestio will be automatically given basic StreetEasy syndication permissions, which allows an agent to opt their exclusive listings into or out of the StreetEasy feed. To learn more about how to manage your listings on StreetEasy, please read our article Managing StreetEasy; How to Add and Remove Listings and Agents

Ordering Agents on Listings

Agents with Nestio's premium StreetEasy syndication permissions will also have the ability to control the order in which agents are sent in our feed to StreetEasy. This is important because, if you have a paid StreetEasy account, StreetEasy will charge the first agent it receives on a rental listing in our feed who has opted-in to its NYC Rental Network. If the order of agents changes in our feed to StreetEasy, that will impact who StreetEasy charges for the rental listing if an agent who has opted in is moved above another agent who was previously paying for the listing. 

If you change the order of agents in Nestio on a listing that is already live on StreetEasy, StreetEasy may not automatically reflect the new order of agents on its website. Nevertheless, the order of the agents we send in our feed from our Contacts for StreetEasy section determines who StreetEasy charges in the case of a rental listing. If you would like to try to get the agent order in Nestio to be reflected on StreetEasy, please reach out to StreetEasy's support team at 888-561-0430 or For more information on why this is the case, please read our StreetEasy and Zillow NYC Rental Network Information & Policies article.

Managing StreetEasy Syndication Permissions via Nestio

Manager/Admin users who have the ability to add & remove users can control the type of StreetEasy syndication permissions for each agent. To modify StreetEasy syndication permissions navigate to the User Management view by clicking on your name and selecting Users from the dropdown:



Navigate to the user you'd like to edit and click to open their user record. 

Click the edit button, to make changes:


You can edit the permissions an agent has in "StreetEasy Permissions":


Nestio is not responsible for any listings that are pushed to StreetEasy that for whatever reason our users did not intend to syndicate to the Zillow NYC Rental Network. 


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