StreetEasy and Zillow NYC Rental Network Information & Policies

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Starting July 18, Zillow's NYC Rental Network requires a per diem fee of $3/listing for many NYC Real Estate Professionals to post rental units across StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia and HotPads. Zillow's Naked Apartments website is currently not a part of its NYC Rental Network. Sales listings continue to be free to post on StreetEasy but are still subject to the Premier Agent program.

Agents on Listings 

Listings on StreetEasy can have multiple agents assigned as contacts. As a result, StreetEasy charges the first agent on a rental listing who has opted into Zillow's NYC Rental Network. For example, if there are two agents that have opted in to the NYC Rental Network on the same rental listing, the agent whose information is first will be the one StreetEasy charges. If you have not opted in to Zillow's NYC Rental Network, you cannot publish rental listings to StreetEasy. 

Please note that the agent order that is displayed on any rental listing on StreetEasy's website is not always indicative of the order by which StreetEasy is determining what agent to charge. For example, in the case where your listings are sent to StreetEasy via a feed versus you posting it manually by logging in to StreetEasy, the order by which the agents come through in the feed on the rental listing is how StreetEasy determines what agent to charge. 

I changed the order of agents in Nestio, but the original order is still showing on my listing on StreetEasy.

Unfortunately, StreetEasy does not currently change the order of agents on listings from the way those agents first appeared on the listing. As such, if you should subsequently change the order of your agents on a StreetEasy listing in Nestio, these changes will impact the order we send these agents in our feed and thus what agent StreetEasy charges (in the case of a rental listing), but the agent order on the listing on StreetEasy will not necessarily change. In the case of sales listings, StreetEasy will often not disclose the exclusive agent's name on the listing and instead send leads to agents participating in its Premier Agent advertising program. If you would like to try to get the agent order in Nestio to be reflected on StreetEasy, please reach out to StreetEasy's support team at 888-561-0430 or 

To sign up for Zillow's NYC Rental Network, click here. If you would like to know if your company is currently subject to Zillow's NYC Rental Network $3/listing per day charge or have any other billing related questions for StreetEasy, please contact StreetEasy support directly at 888-561-0430 or You can also view your listings and payment information in your StreetEasy account. To sign up for StreetEasy's Premier Agent program for sales listings, click here

How do I control my listings to StreetEasy?

As the leading listing management and marketing platform, Nestio has customized features to optimize syndication to StreetEasy. To learn more about these features, including how to control which listings in Nestio you post to StreetEasy and the order that agents get sent in our feed to StreetEasy (and thus what agent StreetEasy charges in the case of rental listings), please read our article Managing StreetEasy; How to Add and Remove Listings and Agents.

Nestio is not responsible for any listings that are pushed to StreetEasy that for whatever reason our users did not intend to syndicate to the Zillow NYC Rental Network. 










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